Radio App FAQ

Q: Why does the music stop playing when the screen goes dark?

A: There are several possible explanations for why this is happening:

1) If you are running a device on Marshmallow 6.0 or newer, Android launched a feature called Android Doze. After a certain amount of time has passed in which the device is not in use and the screen has gone dark, the device goes into Doze mode during which the Network access is restricted. This can cause disruptions to online radio streaming because the app can no longer access the network in Doze mode.

For uninterrupted streaming, you need to remove the app from the "Optimize battery usage" settings. Please watch the video below to find out how to adjust your settings:

2) If the music freezes/stops and you aren't on Marshmallow 6.0 or newer, it is likely that Power Saving Mode is enabled on your device. The Power Saving mode may disable background data when your device goes to sleep which causes online streaming disruptions.

Please follow the video below to disable Power Saving. Some Android devices may have a slightly different path (i.e. Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Battery -> Advanced Settings -> Power Savings).

For Android Lollipop and KitKat devices, you may have to go to Settings->Battery to disable Power Saving mode.

Try using the app after disabling the Power Saving mode.

3) You may have your device set to Shut Off Wifi once your screen goes dark. If you're listening to a stream using Wifi, the stream will stop playing once Wifi is cut off. Please check your device settings to ensure Wifi stays enabled.

4) If you're still having trouble, plugging in your device while listening can bypass the Doze and Power Saving modes.

Q: Why is the music skipping?

A: When songs are skipping, it is often because 1) that station's server has recently been reset or 2) the internet isn't filling the audio buffer fast enough. Usually these issues are resolved with faster internet, changing the wifi settings on your device, or they resolve on their own after the server resets.

Q: Where can I find these stations online?

A: Follow the link to the station list in the app.

Q: Why is the app not working on my device?

A: Unfortunately, Our Radio Apps don't support all devices and operating systems. This is the main reason this app is totally FREE! Try it out to see if it isn't coming in loud and clear, "Nothing ventured nothing gained." Support for new devices is being added all the time.

Q: Why are some stations blank at times?

A: Some of these stations are controlled by real DJs and if they aren't playing anything at the time or their site is down no music will play. Fortunately there are over 50 Channels so you will always have a lot to choose from.

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